Independence Day is a significant national event in Pakistan, celebrated with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervor. At Jinnah University for Women, this historic day was commemorated with a grand Independence Day celebration on August 14, 2023. The event aimed to instill a sense of pride, unity, and patriotism among students and staff.

The hosting of the event was done by Laraib Wazeer, Sara kanwal and Samana Zehra from department of IR, Education and Psychology respectively.

The day began with the of the recitation of Holy Quran by Sughra Fatima of Education department and Fatima Tahir of Islamic learning department.

Then, The entire University along with the Respected Chancellor Wajeehuddin Ahmed, Respected Vice Chancellor Prof Dr. Naeem Farooqui, the Deans and faculty members of the university assembled in the open ground, and the national anthem was sung by all present.

Following this event, students from various departments presented a series of cultural performances, showcasing their talents and love for the country. These performances included patriotic songs by Kainat John of BBA department, Iqra Zia of education department and others. Students also expressed their gratitude and love towards the ancestors of our country in the form of poetry.

A performance was also presented by the students from the different departments of University. The performance incorporated a heartwarming and patriotic documentary which was compiled by Dua Ejaz of computer science department. The performance was organized under the supervision of Ms. Saba Shakeel and her team. It reflected the struggles of our ancestors who made their way to an Independent country, Pakistan. It also highlighted the great efforts and triumphal success of Al- Haj Molvi Riaz-ud-Din who led the cornerstone for First Women University of Pakistan, Jinnah University for Women. The whole skit was narrated by Rehma Jawed Ghori of English Department.

Respected Chancellor of Jinnah University for Women, Wajeehuddin Ahmed in his thank you note, praised and validated the incredible efforts of students, and faculty members. He also congratulated the organizers for organizing such successful event. He made Students take a solemn pledge to uphold the values and principles of our nation, respecting the diversity and unity that Pakistan represents. The pledge reaffirmed their commitment to being responsible citizens.

At the end, Respected Chancellor Wajeehuddin Ahmed and Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr Naeem Farooqui presented the token of appreciation and souvenirs to the guests.

To conclude, the Independence Day celebration at Jinnah University for Women was a grand success, fostering a strong sense of patriotism, unity, and pride among students and staff. It provided an opportunity for everyone to reflect on the importance of freedom, diversity, and the responsibility of being a citizen of Pakistan. The event was a reminder of the sacrifices made by our forefathers and the need to protect and preserve the principles of our nation.